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CSI Supports's

Opportunity to Fly Around the Moon


Laguna Woods, CA, January 15, 2007 — Constellation Services International, Inc. (CSI) congratulates Space Shot, Inc. on today’s announcement of, which provides students and other ordinary people the opportunity to win a trip around the Moon by playing a skill-based game on the internet.


“Private spaceflight innovation is not just a matter of technology, but of coming up with ways to allow every person to participate," stated CSI's CEO, Charles Miller.  "CSI is pleased to support Space Shot’s efforts to create new ways to increase the interest and participation of younger generations. offers everyone with skill and persistence the opportunity to fly in space."


CSI’s Lunar ExpressSM system for a near-term trip around the Moon is based on existing flight-proven technology and could be available in 3 years or less.  Using this system, the grand prize winner of the game could take a 6-day trip around the Moon, after first visiting the International Space Station.


CSI, a commercial orbital services firm, is leading a team of aerospace companies with world-class expertise in ISS operations to develop the reliable, economical, and flexible LEO ExpressSM ISS cargo resupply system with initial service planned in 2009.  CSI has offices in Laguna Woods, CA, and Alexandria, VA. "LEO Express" and "Lunar Express" are trademarks and service marks of Constellation Services International, Inc.